Companion Animal Services


Wellness and Nutrition

We strive to prevent illness whenever possible. Our wellness programs include comprehensive physical exams, vaccinations, internal parasite testing and treatment, tick and flea control and blood tests to diagnose or rule out disease.

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Our dental equipment includes digital x-ray, an ultrasonic scaler, and a high-speed dental drill and polisher. Whether your pet requires a routine cleaning or extractions, we strive to provide the highest quality experience.

All of our dental procedures are performed under anesthesia.  

Pain medication is always provided for our patients who have undergone extractions. We freeze their mouth prior the procedure and they are sent home with appropriate medications to keep them comfortable.

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By their very nature, emergencies cannot be scheduled. We provide 24-hour care every day of the year to be available when your pet has a major issue that needs to be seen immediately.


Identification (Microchip/Tattoo)

We offer identification options such as microchips under the skin (which are registered online and can be scanned by any veterinary clinic to locate the owners) as well as tattoos in the ear (or flank if requested) which can lead back to the clinic.



We offer in-hospital radiology for the convenience of our clients and patients. X-rays are frequently helpful in arriving at a diagnosis such as identifying broken bones, detecting heart enlargement in cardiac disease patients, locating the source of back pain, spot bladder stones and more. If your pet is likely to become stressed or painful during the x-ray procedure, we offer safe sedation options to make the experience more pleasant. Our digital x-rays are processed instantly which allows improved image quality, computer based image enhancement, easy storage and transmission as well as the ability to view results immediately.



Although we have no exotic specialists, each veterinarian has their own area of expertise and we work with a local wildlife centre.



Whether your pet requires a routine surgery such as a spay or neuter, more complicated surgeries such as an exploratory/laparotomy, CCL repairs, TPLO surgery, splenectomy, or a minor procedure like a cherry eye surgery, mass removal or laceration repair you can ensure your pet is in skilled, capable hands


Internal Medicine

Biopsies, fine needle aspirates, ultrasound, palliative care, immunotherapy, bloodwork, cytology, histology, allergy testing, etc.


End of Life Care

Euthanasia provides a peaceful end for a pet who would otherwise continue to suffer. Our process is respectful and painless. We will take the time to explain everything fully and provide as much time as you need. We are also able to provide home euthanasias. Our staff are compassionate and supportive throughout this difficult time.

We offer both private and general cremations and clay paw prints to memorialize your beloved pet.