We are attempting to reduce paper transmission. We encourage you to utilize our online consent form (pioneervet.ca/resources) as well as update your e-mail information so we can send statements and/or invoices.



High Risk Clientele:

  • Recent international travel of anyone in immediate household

  • Those within known regional community transmission

  • Those who been in contact with an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19 or is under suspicion for COVID-19.

  • Currently experiencing signs of severe lethargy, sore throat, fever, cough or respiratory difficulty

  • History of recent respiratory disease

  • Currently under quarantine

  • Recent exposure to someone under quarantine

Appointments we ARE seeing​​​

We are currently back to normal appointment bookings! We are taking nail trims, routine anal glands and annual vaccination appointments again. We are still following proper social distancing protocols as well and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and rooms between clients/appointments

Farm visits

  • Farm visits will proceed if client is not currently considered high risk (see above)

  • If the above is applicable a healthy individual must represent the client on farm for an appointment to be considered. Please call the clinic if this is the case.

  • No hand shaking policy with appropriate social distancing (1-2 meters) and hygiene protocols followed by veterinary staff at each visit

Companion Animal Appointments

  • Please do not arrive early for appointments to minimize client backup in waiting room.

  • Once in the building, you will be placed into a clean exam room as soon as possible.

  • Clients are to keep a respectful 1-2 meter distance from other clients and staff members in the lobby. Only one member of the family is asked to bring the pet into the clinic. Exceptions may be made, but please call the clinic to discuss beforehand.

  • At this time, we will not have owners hold their pets for examinations. Otherwise our doctors and staff will be too close and risk of transmission will increase. Animals will be taken into the treatment room for the exam at each appointment.

  • Animals may be dropped off for examination and we can take a history over the phone in instances where it is unsafe for you to physically attend an appointment in person. We are asking that you call us to set up this type of appointment and clinic staff will direct you.

  • All dogs MUST be on leash and all cats MUST be in a carrier or on leash to ensure human and patient safety.

  • If you feel unsafe or are a high risk individual for severe infection (immune compromised) we ask that you contact us with any concerns. We will review your pets medical files and set up a “low contact” appointment alternative if needed.

  • Prescription refills, pet food, large animal medications - We ask that those in need request appropriate amounts of supplies. Up to a three-month supply is acceptable at this time. We cannot commit to a 6 month or greater request. Please CALL AHEAD to allow us time to prepare your order. We can take payments over the phone and bring supplies out to you.

Practice wide hygiene protocols

  • Contactless payment is preferred (debit, credit, cheque, etransfer)

  • Commonly touched surfaces (door knobs, counters, tables, seating areas, keyboards, telephones and point of service terminals) are disinfected after each client visit

  • Gloves and masks utilized if appropriate social distancing cannot be achieved

  • Unnecessary items such as coffee machines, magazines etc have been removed from public access at this time

  • Staggered appointments time are utilized to allow for appropriate sanitation between appointments.

  • Handwashing for 20 seconds is required between appointments and following high risk behaviour such as sneezing, coughing and close contact. Appropriate use of available hand sanitizer is to be used if handwashing not available

  • Appropriate sneeze/coughing hygiene is to be utilized